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I haven't been slacking on the Twisted Monkey comic if that's what you all have been thinking? There, in fact, are new comics up at I'm debating on not posting anymore up here just to get more people over to the site and visit it there. I think DA is taking away from hits to the actual site, not that we've been getting tons of hits in the first place... But that almost reinforces the need to not post them here, we need all the attention we can get. Or maybe I'll just delay the release on DA of the Monkey comic by a week or two, so if you're really interested you'll check it out on the site every Friday when it's posted. Let me know what you think, I'll decide then.

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Some new things going on. I'm getting back into the comic realm, slowly but surely. Me and one of my friends now have a site up:, feel free to check it out, it's just starting up but it's some exciting stuff is already coming of it. We're going to be doing some weekly shorts as well as some more in depth comics on there and probably get into some publishing as well as time goes on. So show your support for Rivalry Comics, tell your friends, parents, aunts and uncles, and Pastors about it. We need to get a following and what's a better way than by word of mouth? So get the word out! Rivalry Comics! woooo!
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My t-shirt design that I submitted has been accepted by! please go to the url below and vote for it! the more votes, the better chance it has to go into production, then the t-shirt will be available for people to purchase online! This is pretty exciting stuff for me, so your participation is appreciated.…

Thank you very much.
  • Listening to: the oldies
  • Playing: Diablo 2
Continuing to work on more stuff, turning out almost a piece a day. Probably the most productive I've ever been... even more than when I was in college. Focusing a lot on Photoshop work, I'm really enjoying the experience and stuff I've managed to pump out of it. I think having a job where I'm bored 80% of the time helps force me to be creative just to keep myself busy and help the day go by. I need to work more on the comic, I keep putting it off to the side and getting wrapped up in other things, but at least I'm working on stuff and not just surfing the internet or playing video games... So I don't feel so bad about neglecting my story.
I'm looking forward to the three day weekend, probably going to go check out the new Indiana Jones flick, I'll have to try and con some people into going with me to see it.
Other than that there really isn't much going on, just working and shit.
I think I need more practice with Photoshop, I want to learn how to do new and cool things on it, but I don't know what to do. I need more projects and commissions and what-not. I guess what I'm saying is if anyone has an idea for a project that I can do with the aid of stock photos and clip art that's mostly design stuff so I can build up a graphic design portfolio that would be great! I don't have the use of a scanner mainly because I do not own a scanner, that's something I'll probably have to remedy in the near future when I have more $$$. So send me your ideas and I'll do my best to execute them!
and YES, I'm not going to give up on comic art, it's always on going, I draw every day but, once again, I do not own a scanner to post anything right now.

Thank you for your help!

So here I am, doing a Deviant Art page, I'm a little late in the game on this one, but oh well. I guess this is better late than never, I probably should have been doing this since college when I had more art to display. So here I am, starting from scratch and adding yet another online profile thing to my collection. I've only got one thing up right now and it's at best a preliminary for something yet to come. I'll post the the finished product once it's done.